We Strive to carry quailty foods that are wholesome and good for you. We carry chemical free, No GMO and Organic.


What you will find at our Store.


30 kinds of Flours

Oats and Grains

A Wall of Spices

Beans and Lentils

Raw sugars, unbleached and unrefined, Sea salts

Soup and Dip Mixes

Extracts, Emulsions, Oils

Dried Fruits and Vegetables

Home Raised Beef     Chemical Free

Hand Rolled Butter

Farm Produce in Season     Chemical Free  No GMOs

Gluten Free

Honeys and Maple syrup

Amish Cereals

Jam , Jellies, Home canned Goods

Homemade Bakery


All the things you need to make a Home Made meal without the additives and chemicals.